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QS Europe 2021 Conference and Exhibition

Leveling the Field: Bottom-up growth in building resilient European higher education
7-8 July 2021

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Tracks and Topics

European higher education is heralded as one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world, and hosts one of the largest proportions of ranked institutions by continent in the World University Rankings. The number of ranked universities, however, only represents around a third of all European higher education institutions, highlighting a significant opportunity for bottom-up growth across the region. What can Europe teach itself in raising the profile of all providers? Can larger and better known providers learn from institutions less than 50 years old? How can providers plan together to work on equal footing?

The extension of the Horizon 2020 programme into the Horizon Europe programme to support research and innovation in higher educations sees the European Union continue its commitment to science research until 2027. Those outside the programme’s field of focus and the EU, however, will not see the same level of benefits. How can higher education simultaneously work within and look beyond Horizon Europe to increase the benefits of the programme? What does 2028 look like for research and innovation? Where are the immediate quick gains and what needs for development over the course of the programme’s scope?

European students have a wealth of access to high quality tertiary education, within their own country, within the continent, and further afield. Programmes and initiatives, such as Erasmus+ and the new Turing Scheme in the UK, also actively encourage students to take a global mindset. In creating a global mindset for students, what are their expectations of institutions, their governments, and communities? What do they see as the major benefits of studying abroad and what influences their decisions-making? Students within the continent also show a keen awareness of the UN’s SGDs and a desire to work within them for global benefit. How does universities’ perceptions of students’ desires meet with reality? Are there areas that receive less consideration from institutions and can are opportunities to better reflect students’ needs and wants?

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